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In the current global environmental crisis, the world needs solutions that will conserve our resources and plan for a sustainable future. Water is one of our most precious resources. At Fine Bubble Technologies we are pioneers in natural water treatment. Through our innovative and patented technology, we resolve water treatment challenges nearly 80 000 times more efficiently than existing technologies. The result of our solutions is a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative in the form of recycled and recovered water.

Since 2015, we have been striving to provide services that offer an ethical and global water solution, securing the future of our environment for future generations. Our solutions are scientifically based on nearly a decade of research. The outcomes are phenomenal results in the treatment of water, wastewater and severely contaminated water.

With our patented nanotechnology, we are revolutionising the water industry with a natural cleaning process. Our advanced technology aerates water at a rate of 222 million bubbles per 1ml of water, a first in the water treatment industry. Our system has proven results, while being highly affordable.

We serve a wide range of industries globally and can confidently solve your specific water treatment challenges. Fine Bubble Technologies solutions will help you achieve compliance; improve your facilities and operations, while saving costs and resources.

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Our innovative thinking at Fine Bubble Technologies has led to new and improved water treatment products – ensuring clean water worldwide. Through our disruptive technology, we seek to grow our reputation as a one-of-a-kind business in the water treatment industries. Founded in our commitment to superior product design and performance, we aim to grow a loyal customer base. Combining quality products with attentive support and exceptional customer services we are confident in our ability to attract and retain customers. Above all, we strive to impact the well-being of current and future generations with our green and environmentally-friendly water treatment solution.

Meet the Team

Paul Botha
Founder & CEO
Debbie Botha
Financial Manager
Jomarie Oosthuizen
Taswin Gouws
Technical Manager
Sandra Bredenhann
Quality Control