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Average bubble size 76,4 Nano meter 222 Million Nano bubbles per ml water Neutralizes pathogens without chemicals Neutralizes anaerobic bacteria without chemicals Nano bubbles suspend in water up to 12 months Smartphone and PC Live Monitoring Better filtration with longer life No pathogen growth in water lines Destroys algae and bacteria Rapid effective COD removal in water

What We Do...

We develop innovative technologies and solutions that resolve existing water treatment problems more effectively and radically reduce consumption of natural resources.  Simply put, our break-through technology is revolutionising industries across the world in the treatment of, and re-use of water including severely contaminated water.  

Our technological innovation takes advantage of the natural phenomenon of the dissolution of extremely small gas particles in water, which improves the oxygen transfer efficiency in water by nearly 80.000 times in comparison to coarse bubbles. 


The NanoBubbler™ is a unique and innovative Ultra Fine Bubble Generator (UFB).

The NanoBubbler™ has been tested and proven to produce  nano bubbles with an average size of 76 nanometer in diameter.  Applications of our technology include:

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