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The unique features of this technology make it suitable for various applications in a wide variety of industries. With so many benefits and features, it is one of the best long-term investments you can make.

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We develop innovative technologies and solutions that resolve existing water treatment problems more effectively and radically reduce the consumption of natural resources. Simply put, our breakthrough technology is revolutionizing industries across the world in the treatment of, and re-use of water including severely contaminated water.

Our technological innovation takes advantage of the natural phenomenon of the dissolution of extremely small gas particles in water, which improves the oxygen transfer efficiency in water by nearly 80.000 times in comparison to coarse bubbles.


Our innovative thinking at Fine Bubble Technologies has led to new and improved water treatment services helping us to grow our reputation as a one-of-a-kind business.

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The NanoBubbler™ is a unique and innovative Ultra Fine Bubble Generator (UFB) designed for the aeration and sanitation of ground and surface water and for various other applications.

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The NanoBubbler™

A unique and innovative Ultra Fine Bubble Generator (UFB).

The NanoBubbler™ has been tested and proven to produce nanobubbles with an average size of 76 nanometers in diameter. Applications of our technology include:

  • Water purification (various industries)
  • Cooling tower de-scaling
  • Medical cleaning applications
  • Fruit Industry – washing
  • Animal Industry – drinking water enrichment (reduces bacterial growth)
  • Agriculture – Crop watering water application – boosts plant growth
  • Aquaculture – oxygenation of fish and aquaculture dams
  • Mining – acid water treatment
  • Petroleum Industry – cleaning oil spills and storage tanks

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