The NanoBubbler™

A unique and innovative Ultra Fine Bubble Generator (UFB).

The NanoBubbler™ has been tested and proven to produce nanobubbles with an average size of 76 nanometers in diameter. Applications of our technology include:

  • Water purification (various industries)
  • Cooling tower de-scaling
  • Medical cleaning applications
  • Fruit Industry – washing
  • Animal Industry – drinking water enrichment (reduces bacterial growth)
  • Agriculture – Crop watering water application – boosts plant growth
  • Aquaculture – oxygenation of fish and aquaculture dams
  • Mining – acid water treatment
  • Petroleum Industry – cleaning oil spills and storage tanks

The NanoBubbler™ in Action

The NanoBubbler™ creates 170 Liters of air bubbles per minute and produces three major categories of air bubbles:


Macro Bubbles

These bubbles are large and visible. They create movement in the water column as they rapidly rise to the top of the water’s surface. They attached to dead bacteria and other debris and lift them to the surface.


Fine / Micro Bubbles

These bubbles are much smaller but still visible. They remain in the water column for a short period of time (1 min- 1hour). Some of these bubbles will amalgamate with others and form bigger bubbles. Others will implode under the water pressure and the air will dissolve into the water increasing/maximizing dissolved oxygen. Dissolved oxygen is crucial not only for aquaculture but also for aerobic oxidative bacteria. The more dissolved oxygen in the water the more active are the aerobic bacteria in degrading organic matter improving the water body conditions.


Ultra Fine / Nano Bubbles

With most polluted water sources there is a thick layer of sediment at the bottom of the water column. This sediment is usually in an anaerobic state as little or no oxygen reaches this layer. The Nano Bubbles has the ability to remain in water and contact the sediment layer. At this depth air inside the bubble is dissolved into the sediment layer. This changes this area to an aerobic condition accelerating organic matter oxidation and decomposition and cleaning the sediment layer.

Watch the NanoBubbler™ in Action