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Rusgenot Farm, Pearl, South Africa February - April 2017


Groundwater is one of the wolrd’s most important natural resources and is an important source of drinking water for mostly-rural populations that supply their own domestic water from local wells. Recent study by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) found that about 23 percent of the private wells in the USA (supplying almost 10 million people) did have at least one contaminant at a level of potential health concern.

The Problem

Rusgenot transport company in Western Cape province of South Africa is using borehole water for drinking and sanitary water for its headquarter offices.

The existing borehole water treatment solution cannot take the iron out of the borehole water, which is their biggest problem and it cannot take all bacteria out. The bacteria was found in the borehole water because of the leaking septic tank on the property contaminating ground water.

Recommended Solution

When chlorine is used for water disinfection, it produces carcinogenic THMs as by product. Instead, ozone can be used as a disinfectant, decolorizer, deodorizer, detoxifier, precipitant, coagulant and for removing tastes.

Furthermore, ozone does not leave any residuals as it dissolves into oxygen. Most of common ozone treatment solutions on the market are very expensive and as Ozone is very short lived in the water and special equipment is required.

Based in the assessment of the site and water analysis data, our team of experts recommended treatment of the well water with MK3 Ultra Fine Bubble Generator with Ozone generator.

  • The objective of the treatment was to:
  • Remove the pathogens
  • Remove Iron
  • Reduce use of chlorine, number of treatment steps and filters
  • Reduce treatment costs


The MK3 Ultra Fine Bubble Generator was installed at the farm in February 2017. Implementation time was less than half a day including the the power supply, piping and Ozone generator setup.

Water analysis revealed following starting water quality level:

  • Iron (Fe): above legal limits
  • Faecal coliforms: above legal limits



  • Iron (Fe): within legal limits
  • Faecal coliforms: 0 cfu
  • Water cleaner, clearer, colorless, nonstaining, odorless, palatable, safer and oxygenated in respect to previous solution


  • Low cost solution: 90% reduction of operational and maintenance costs (no chemicals or biological agents needed)
  • 100% bacteria, algae, amoebe, fungus & virus removal
  • 100% chemical free treatment
  • Removes heavy metals like iron and manganese
  • Removes pesticides
  • Removes any bad taste and odor
Our technology provides 100% natural solution to disinfect private well water from viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and promote well being of plants, animals and humans.
  • No chemicals
  • No biological agents
  • no residues


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