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Westlake Golf Club, Cape Town, South Africa April - June 2017


For golf course operators, proper ornamental pond and irrigation pond maintenance is an important aspect of grounds maintenance. Although ponds and lakes may not be as important to the golfer as the turf-grass, a pond that is not properly maintained can leave a negative impression. Customers expect a golf course to provide beautiful views and outstanding scenery. If ornamental ponds and irrigation lakes are less than their best, it can impair customer satisfaction.

The Problem

Westlake pond before

Westlake Golf Club 1000m3 ornamental pond problems:

  • Strong unpleasant odors
  • Green murky water due to the presence of green algae
  • Accumulation of 1m bottom sludge (muck).

The Golf Club operator had tried all available solutions on the market to remedy the problem. No solution could provide resolve the problem. Operator forced to empty the pond annually to remove this.

Recommended Solution

It is important to remember that ponds and lakes themselves are small ecosystems, and therefore, dissolved oxygen is key, as it helps encourage the growth of beneficial local bacteria. The smaller the pond, the easier it is to become eutrophic. Small ponds have an even greater need for aeration.

Most of common aerators on the market are inefficient and expensive and cannot distribute dissolve oxygen quickly and
evenly throughout the entire pond.

Based in the assessment of the site and water analysis data, our team of experts recommended 60 days treatment of the pond with MK1 Ultra Fine Bubble Generator to the Golf Club management.

The objectives of the treatment were to:

  • Remove the unpleasant odor asap
  • Remove the green algae and restore the water clarity
  • Reduce sludge layer at the bottom
  • Restore the natural balance of the pond
  • The objective of the treatment was to:
  • Remove the unpleasant odour asap
  • Remove the green algae and restore the water clarity
  • Reduce sludge layer at the bottom
  • Restore the natural balance of the pond


Tiny bubbles visible within the water, see video below.

The MK1 Ultra Fine Bubble Generator was installed in the pond end of March 2017. Implementation time was less than half a day including the the power supply. Installation of the MK1 machine took less than 30 min. See video of MK1 installation here.

Water analysis revealed following starting water quality level:

COD: 898 mg/L


Westlake pond before
  • Strong unpleasant odor
  • Green murky water, 0 visibility
  • Presence of green algae
  • No aquatic life or animals
Westlake Pond during
  • Odor disappeared after 5 days
  • Self purification process in
    action (white foam on surface)
  • Dissolved green algae observed
Westlake Golf Club - Irrigation Reservoir After
  • COD: 92 mg/L
  • Green algae dissipated
  • Visibility in water > 1 m
  • Birds & insects returned to pond


Restored positive image & customer satifaction (odor removal and water quality improved)

  • 90% reduction of operational and maintenance costs (no annual, manual removal of sludge and no chemicals needed to keep the pond clean)
  • 100% natural and sustainable solution to restore natural pond balance

Our technology provides 100% natural solution to re-activate self cleaning processes by promoting growth of aerobic organisms and thus restoring the natural balance of your lake.

  • no chemicals
  • no biological agents
  • no ultra sounds
  • no dredging
  • no noise


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