Our patented nanotechnology is a first in the water treatment industry.  Aerating water at a rate of 222 million bubbles per 1ml of water and treating water, wastewater including severely contaminated water naturally, is revolutionary.  

Our technology, backed by nearly a decade of scientific research has proven to neutralise pathogens, heavy metals, chemicals and harmful bacteria in water, thus offering a wide range of industries a green solution to achieve compliance, lower operational costs and contribute towards a sustainable future.

Providing wineries, farms, landfills and more industries with a revolutionary green solution for the treatment of waste water.
Our break-through technology is revolutionising industries across the world in the treatment & re-use of water.
Resolving commercial, industrial & household water treatment challenges that achieves safer working & living conditions.
Proven results that demonstrate how our air-nanobubble water provides a natural and effective solution that enhances plant and animal growth.
From rivers to irrigation dams, ponds & lakes, we offer one solution with additional benefits.


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