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Revolutionary water purification that achieves clean and reusable water for your winery.

Wastewater management is inextricably linked to efficient winery operations and sustainable profit. If left untreated, contaminated winery wastewater becomes a major challenge both financially and operationally.  The management of winery wastewater is therefore  a business issue as well as an environmental and technical matter.

The Problem

The challenge with treating winery wastewater is not only compliance with stringent regulations but to do so at lower energy consumption and operational costs.

The by-product of winery wastewater is a build-up of contaminants. Over time, these contaminants form a thick sediment layer at the bottom of the water column.

Here little to no oxygen is available for microbial growth. In this anaerobic state, good bacteria that usually clean wastewater cannot breakdown the organic and inorganic pollutants in the water, simply because it does not have the oxygen to survive. As a result undesired pH and COD levels are reached, leaving wastewater in an unacceptable and smelly state.

The 100% Natural Solution

Our cutting-edge technology has revolutionised water purification. Aerating water through a unique process so that the entire water column is exposed to oxygen over several months. The result is the stimulation of a natural self-cleaning process that achieves clean and reusable water.

Our innovative nanobubble technology cleans wastewater economically and without the use of any chemicals, biological agents or filters. Its ability to treat highly contaminated water, reduce pH and COD levels to
acceptable norms as well as remove sludge and unwanted odours naturally, is revolutionary

How it Works

The NanoBubblerTM creates the smallest order of bubbles called the “nano bubble” at a rate of 222 million bubbles per 1ml of water.

Denser than water, these nanobubbles sink to the base of the water column. Suspended in the water for months, they dissolve into the sediment layer, creating an aerobic condition. This change brings about the acceleration of organic matter oxidation and decomposition of particles, in effect cleaning the sediment layer. The result?  Purification of water that stabilizes pH levels, reduces COD levels and removes unwanted bacteria

Key Benefits

The NanoBubblerTM offers scientific and technological solutions that are both natural and sustainable. The NanoBubblerTM difference means:


100% Natural

No harsh chemicals, biological agents or fertilizers.


Clean wastewater effectively, meeting the required pH and COD levels as specified in by-laws and regulations.

Cost Saving

With low energy input and reusable water as a result, the NanoBubblerTM is not only affordable but achieves a great Return on Investment.

Proven Results

Tried and tested on Wineries, with scientific evidence and results to prove how well The NanoBubblerTM works.

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