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Golf courses collect water from various sources such as storm water, borehole water and treated effluent water from nearby sewerage plants. These ponds and lakes are mostly stagnant and therefore full of harmful pathogens and disease-producing bacteria.  When used for irrigation purposes, it not only poses a health risk to humans, but can also lead to grass root infections and fungal diseases.

Our ground-breaking technology cleans water naturally, without any chemicals, complex treatment plants or filters. With close to a decade’s worth of scientific research and development, our innovative NanoBubblerTM has proven to naturally neutralise pathogens, heavy metals, chemicals and harmful bacteria in water.


The Problem

Pathogenic bacteria and viruses are anaerobes that are dependent on organic matter, carbon dioxide, phosphorus, nitrogen, ammonia or sulphur. Without oxygen, aerobic microorganisms that break down pathogenic bacteria and chemicals, cannot survive in water. As a result, pH, COD and carbon dioxide levels change to unfavourable levels, encouraging the growth of pathogens, thus increasing the hazardous health risks of effluent or stagnant water.

Dissolved oxygen is key to addressing the root problem of treated wastewater. Through the oxidation of anaerobic pathogens, the carbon dioxide in water is reduced, giving beneficial aerobic microorganisms the chance to grow. This can now be achieved economically and efficiently with our patented technology.

The 100% Natural Solution

Our cutting-edge technology has revolutionized water treatment via bio-remediation. The unique process exposes the entire water column to dissolved oxygen over several months. The result is the stimulation of a natural, self-cleaning action to produce reusable water that is both clean and safe.

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How it Works

The NanoBubblerTM creates the smallest order of bubbles called the “nano bubbles” at a rate of 222 million bubbles per 1ml of water. Denser than water, these nanobubbles rapidly spread through the water body and sink to the base of the water column. Suspended in the water for several months, the bubbles dissolve into the sediment layer, creating an aerobic condition. This change brings about accelerated oxidation and decomposition of organic matter, in effect cleaning and removing the sediment layer. The result? Remediation of water with balanced pH, reduced COD levels and elimination of undesired pathogens and foul odours.

Key Benefits

Our patented NanoBubblerTM offers scientific and technological solutions, that are both sustainable, natural and cost-effective. The NanoBubblerTM difference means:


100% Natural

No harsh chemicals, biological agents or fertilizers.


Clean wastewater effectively, meeting the required pH and COD levels as specified in by-laws and regulations.

Cost Saving

With low energy input and reusable water as a result, the NanoBubblerTM solution is not only affordable but delivers a good Return on Investment.

Enhanced Grass Growth

As a result of improved penetration of oxygenated water to grassroots with less soil compaction.

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